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October 2, 2009

Gevo Offers Biobutanol Retrofits for Ethanol Producers

Biofuels Digest reports that Gevo has launched a 1 MGY biobutanol plant in St. Joseph, Missouri.

Butanol is formed through fermentation, like ethanol, but has a higher energy value and a lower vaporization profile.  This makes butanol an ideal drop-in fuel for existing gasoline vehicles or as a supplement to biodiesel.

Gevo has also announced the formation of Gevo Development to develop a fleet of biorefineries based on converting existing ethanol plants to Gevo’s proprietary technology for biobutanol.  The new company will be managed by Mike Slaney and David Black, who co-founded and raised over $430 million to capitalize ASABiofuels. In August, 2007, VeraSun Energy Corporation acquired ASAB, its three ethanol production facilities (totaling 300 million gallons per year of ethanol capacity) and three development sites for $725 million.

Gevo CEO Pat Gruber said that the “Gevo Development’s business model is open — it will include acquisitions, joint ventures and tolling arrangements providing flexibility to existing owners and lenders.”

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